Roll diameters are Ø51mm or Ø60 mm. Galvanized or transported equipment can be covered with polyurethane or rubber.

Drive type: with chain and chain drive.

Width and height and height measurements may vary depending on the order and the size of the products to be transported. The chassis is made of aluminum sigma profile.

The drive motor will be Gamak or Watt brand.

The brand used will be Yılmaz brand.

Shaft diameters shall be Ø12 mm. (It will vary depending on the type of load to be transported.) The bearing brand to be used will be ORS (Middle East Bearing Industry). (Bearing brand may vary depending on customer demand.)

Carrier foot frames are made of sheet metal according to Sigma aluminum profile and customer demand.

Gear materials will be manufactured from hardened material by seeing hardening heat treatment.

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