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About Us

ITC Mekatronik is an engineering company founded by young entrepreneurs in 2021, providing service to leading companies in the sector with its expert staff.

Aiming to increase its production capacity and maximize its service quality, ITC Mekatronik currently provides services in its 10.000 m2 factory in Eskişehir Organized Industrial Zone.

Adopting the importance of domestic and national production, it has adopted the main goal of making the product items imported to our country as domestic product items. In line with this goal, it manufactures its products, which are frequently used in Occupational Health and Safety applications, in its facility in Eskişehir with completely domestic capital.

The products produced are used in many fields and applications both at home and abroad by providing full compliance with the ISO-CE norms in force in our country and in the world.

Continuing its R&D studies on Occupational Health and Safety without slowing down, ITC Mekatronik aims to have a say in the world market share with its domestically produced products.





  • Happy Customers
    GENMACS aims to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.
  • Sales & Support
    GENMACS serves with its professional team.
  • Technology Tracking
    GENMACS follows the constantly evolving technologies for you.
  • Experience
    GENMACS produces solutions to different sectors with the accumulation of years.
  • Productivity
    GENMACS brings significant value and efficiency to your business with turnkey projects.
  • Special Projects
    GENMACS designs, develops and applies special projects for you

Our Vision

Providing products and services not only in Turkey, but also in every region of the world, without compromising on its reliability and without compromising its quality; To be the world's leading automation systems company and manufacturer, which will make a difference to its competitors by using new technologies and innovation studies in its products, which its competitors take as an example in every respect.

Our Mission

By fully understanding the needs and expectations of our customers, offering them the most accurate, most economical and fastest products without sacrificing quality; To be a supplier of sustainable automation systems and a solution partner that realizes its productions at world standards and bases its existence on customer satisfaction.

Our Values

With a customer-oriented approach, we have adopted the principle of providing the highest level of customer satisfaction in all our production and after-sales services. All our efforts are for our customers to increase their satisfaction and gains. Each employee of the ITC MEKATRONIK family adopts a customer-oriented approach and works with the understanding of producing solutions to all kinds of problems.

Our Quality Policy

To adopt the philosophy of total quality management, to create the company culture according to this philosophy, To base on continuous growth, improvement, production and development by doing our job right at every stage, not contenting with preserving our current situation. To be aware that achieving success is an effective and efficient way of working that increases our competitive power.

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